secret history of our streets - sd or hd

Alan Milewczyk soulman1949 at
Wed Apr 29 11:29:40 PDT 2015

On 29/04/2015 14:18, Jim Lesurf wrote:
> I'm puzzled by an inconsistency I've encountered between episodes of this
> series.
> Series 1 episode 1 - Deptford => HD file obtained  (pid b01jt96v)
> Series 1 episode 2 - Camberwell => SD file obtained (pid b01jzpm3)
> I used the same options as usual for both of them, and which normally
> gets me the 'best' (i.e. normally HD when available). FWIW I look at the
> BBC listings and find the pid number to use in each case.
> I think the series was made in 2012/13. And I expected all the episodes to
> be HD. However Radio Times omits an (HD) for them both in its listings.
> It seems very odd for a series to be partly HD and partly SD. So, is
> episode 2 available as HD but I failed to fetch it for some reason? Or is
> this series 'mixed' for some reason?
> Using 2.92.
> Jim


That series is on my download list too, but until your posting I hadn't 
noticed the disparity between the two episodes. Mind you, it's not the 
first time we've had this sort of inconsistency. It might be worth 
checking the download again a few days later, more than once I've seen 
things sort themselves out. Sometimes, though, you have to play the 
"long game" and wait for the BBC to do better the next time the series 
is aired. But I'd certainly advise the BBC of the issue through the 
iPlayer help system.


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