secret history of our streets - sd or hd

Vangelis forthnet northmedia1 at
Wed Apr 29 13:35:30 PDT 2015

On Wed Apr 29 17:16:39 BST 2015, Jim web wrote:

> I don't know anyone on the 'TV' side 
> (snip)
> But I may ask someone I know. 
> It seems odd that the episodes are
> treated differently,

Well Jim, what I meant when I said 
>> feel free to contact the beeb
was use the online form; read the 
following (recent) list post:

If only I had known bbc stuff in person...

> Thanks for the info.

You are certainly most welcome...

> My problem with --verbose is 
> that I'll also have to work out 
> what it reports actually means!

... we all have to start from somewhere... 
When I started using GiP in early 2011, 
I didn't have a clue as to what a CLI 
app is, coming from Windows... (?!?!)

Kind regards, 

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