secret history of our streets - sd or hd

tellyaddict tellyaddict21 at
Wed Apr 29 13:15:16 PDT 2015

> But I'd certainly advise the BBC of the issue through the 
> iPlayer help system.

Interestingly since Monday I've noticed that during the day the BBC seems to have introduced a Live Chat feature on the iPlayer Help Pages. When it is available it appears as a tab on the right hand side of the page when you visit one of the FAQs.

On the HD/SD availability question, It's always seemed to me that setting the listings up and selecting which programmes are going to become available etc is a manual job. It does seem prone to human error.

In the past if you tried to look more than 7 days ahead, you would get a schedule page where everything was marked as Not Available so I think before it makes it onto the listings properly, someone actually has to go through and mark what is and what isn't available and presumably also what formats it will be transcoded into.

Eggheads for example has always been available in HD and since Monday 20th April, there has been no HD option available. They have dropped back from series 16 to series 11 but if you search on iPlayer there are episodes from series 11 that are available in HD that were broadcast a few weeks ago so it does seem to be inconsistency.

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