Problem downloading radio programmes

Jon Davies jon at
Tue Apr 22 09:06:25 PDT 2014

On 22 April 2014 14:20, Don Grunbaum <don at> wrote:
> Options:

please could you run
  get_iplayer --prefs show
and paste the *exact* output you get?  please don't re-type it, just
copy and paste.

> If there's a network problem, why can I download TV and not radio?

Because you might be getting radio and tv from a different servers,
and one might work and the other not.

earlier you posted a bit of log file:
> WARNING: Failed to stream file D:\Downloaded Radio\The Unbelievable Truth\The Unbelievable Truth Series 13 - Episode 3 - 2014-04-21.partial.m4a.flv via RTMP
and this time you said:
> output = v:\BBC iPlayer Recordings

this is inconsistent - do you download to D: or V:? Are both D: and V:
local or network drives?  If network drives, try changing your output
location to a local drive.  You can then copy/move files (after all
the processing has been done) to a permanent location using the
command option.


Jon Davies

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