Problem downloading radio programmes

Don Grunbaum don at
Tue Apr 22 06:20:28 PDT 2014

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On 22 April 2014 12:21, Don Grunbaum <don at> wrote:
> Thanks Andrew, but the problem persists for me.
> I can play and record TV okay, but not radio. I normally use Chrome, 
> but
> I've also tried IE, with the same results.

The Unbelievable Truth downloads fine here, so there's something up
with your particular installation of get_iplayer and/or your network

- you are in the UK aren't you?
- what's the result of running  get_iplayer --prefs-show in a
get_iplayer command prompt?
- what version of get_iplayer are you running?  (in a get_iplayer
command prompt do get_iplayer -V (that's a capital V))


Jon Davies


fileprefix - <name> - <episode> - <firstbcastdate>
aactomp3 = 0
output = v:\BBC iPlayer Recordings

Version 2.86

Yes I am in the UK

If there's a network problem, why can I download TV and not radio?

Thanks - I'm off to work now so I'll see what's happening when I get 
home later.


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