Loss of "Linux" favicon on the list archives

Vangelis forthnet northmedia1 at the.forthnet.gr
Thu Apr 17 16:56:21 PDT 2014

Hello :-)

Up until a week or so, whenever I navigated in my browser (Mozilla Firefox
24.4.0esr) to the main list archives at
(which is my default way of keeping track of what's been posted there),
I used to get in my browser's tab the linux penguin favicon, the same one
you'd get if you went, e.g. at:
Now I only get an empty favicon.

I have a bad habit of keeping 10 - 15 pinned tabs in my browser, one of 
is always the current month's mails to the list (now being:
http://lists.infradead.org/pipermail/get_iplayer/2014-April/date.html ).
I could very easily visually distinguish this pinned tab
among all the rest thanks to its favicon; this recent change has introduced 
slight inconvenience for me, as several (5-6) of the other pinned tabs come 
no favicon as well.
Was this change an intended one or perhaps something went wrong after, for 
a scheduled maintenace job on the hosting server?
I've also tried with the Google Chrome browser, it exhibits the same 
behaviour as my
default browser Mozilla Firefox.
As said already, this is not a real issue for me, just a small 
(And I've also noticed a change in the time format used in the archives, 
that went
from EDT (GMT -04:00) to PDT (GMT -07:00) ).

Kind Regards and Happy Easter,

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