Fw: Yahoo Mailing List Snafu ...

Vangelis forthnet northmedia1 at the.forthnet.gr
Thu Apr 17 15:49:59 PDT 2014

On Thu Apr 17 20:46:18 BST 2014, Jonathan H wrote:

> recent email from the get_iplayer list is in spam;
for example, ... and one from Vangelis.

Hello, Jonathan.

FYI, I just performed the "not-spam" test you linked to at:


and nothing suspicious showed up in the results:

Summary of Results
SPF Check : pass
Sender-ID Check : pass
DomainKeys Check : neutral
DKIM Check : neutral
SpamAssassin Check : ham (non-spam)

DKIM check details:
Result: neutral (message not signed)
ID(s) verified: header.From=northmedia1 at the.forthnet.gr
DomainKeys DNS Record=

My e-mail address is provided by my ISP provider (ForthnetSA),
one of the biggest and highly reputed in Greece; do you feel I should
contact them for that "neutral" DKIM check?
I am most certainly not spamming the get_iplayer list (or any other list
for that matter), so it is odd that my email ended up in your spam folder...

Have a happy Easter,

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