No More Regional Variations Of BBC Radio 1 (with patch)

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Tue Sep 24 19:47:53 EDT 2013

Hi all...

For the past 3-4 days, whenever I perform a
future radio cache refresh by running:

get_iplayer --type=radio -f --refresh-future --force

the refresh does start fine, but after a small while
(second cmd prompt window line) I get the following

WARNING: Failed to get programme schedule feed for 
radio1/programmes/schedules/wales from iplayer site
(6 times in total)
WARNING: Failed to get programme schedule feed for 
radio1/programmes/schedules/northernireland from iplayer site
(6 times in total)
WARNING: Failed to get programme schedule feed for 
radio1/programmes/schedules/scotland from iplayer site
(6 times in total)

then the refresh completes without any further warnings...
 At first I thought it may be due to server errors on the BBC side, as
reported recently in a list thread here:
or, possibly, a connection issue on my end, but, alas, the warnings do 
 I had posted about a similar issue back in June, just before the Tag v2.83 

Back then, the warnings were caused by changes in the feeds' URL,
dinkypumpkin came swiftly to the rescue :-) ...
In my attempt now to find the changed URLs that would have been,
supposedly, responsible for the appearance of the new warnings,
I stumbled upon something quite different.
 If you navigate to these following URLs:

then they seem to suggest that after Mon 09 Sep 2013 10:00 BST,
all 3 separate regional variations of BBC Radio 1 ceased to broadcast (?);
I, of course, have no way of checking this, as being overseas, but my
safest guess is all 3 changed to the (now unique) england stream...

In conclusion, there exist now no "new" regional Radio 1 schedule feeds,
just a single (england) one.
And the way to make those WARNINGS go away is just by stopping GiP
from checking for them...

I did it manually by locating in my copy of the script these 

'radio1/programmes/schedules/northernireland'=> 'BBC Radio 1 Northern 
'radio1/programmes/schedules/scotland' => 'BBC Radio 1 Scotland',
'radio1/programmes/schedules/wales' => 'BBC Radio 1 Wales',

and commenting them out (#) (or delete them altogether, if you so prefer).

Now, being on Win32 is not very easy to create a patch file for this,
but I decided I'd have a go at it.
I installed DiffUtils for Windows from here:

then spent some time to get familiar with the command line syntax...

The patch was created against the git HEAD at the time of posting
(commit f495e0d6df5a829c8b1aaa8c3b7e979066e0f1bc)

command used was:

diff -u "get_iplayer.git-f495e0d" "get_iplayer-patched" > "RegionalR1.patch"

Resulting patch is attached.

(I could be wrong however, and new regional R1 feeds may appear later or
can be found already where I haven't searched, but at least I learnt tonight
how to create a simple patch!)

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