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Thu Sep 5 22:07:26 EDT 2013

With my many thanks to everyone on get_iplayer who has tried Beebify,  
unBLOCKr has just been updated to be simpler - and, we hope, more  
reliable - in acquiring BBC-TV PlayRights.

And we'd now be extremely grateful if those who have previously tried  
Beebify+unBLOCKr would like to try it again...

Beebify's browser-based list of BBC-TV shows is incredibly quick and  
simple, but for those outside the UK it needed a system for acquiring  
BBC PlayRights (DRM) just as simple.  So we teamed up with unBLOCKr.

But we've been surprised to see how few people had the Windows  
MediaPlayer plug-in installed in their browsers - so we've updated  
Beebify not to require this.  And whilst we knew that DNS caching can  
be a challenge, we were equally surprised to see how some networks  
hung onto DNS settings and refused to budge - several weeks of work  
have now gone into finding a solution to work under most network  

The concept of unBLOCKr is to sit unobtrusively in the background,  
trapping only calls from Windows MediaPlayer for BBC-TV PlayRights,  
and not affecting any other browsing - it relies on changing Windows  
settings rather than installing software.  So even if you normally use  
a UK proxy, Beebify+unBLOCKr is a great backup system - and ideal for  
less tech-savvy friends and family.

As a kindness to occasional viewers of BBC-TV, unBLOCKr is free to  
acquire PlayRights for one file per day - and making it easy to check  
that unBLOCKr is working on your laptop/PC for when you might need it.

If you've come to Beebify previously, the updated version will install  
automatically upon your next visit - but will run only when you  
subsequently refresh your browser.  In this new version with the  
updated unBLOCKr, you'll also find that the list of BBC-TV episodes is  
separated into 'kids' and 'adult', and that sign-language versions of  
files are now prominently marked.

We'd love Beebhack people to come back and try the improved unBLOCKr  


Beebify's nerd team

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