Is it possible to redirect output from get_iplayer?

Jeremy Nicoll - ml get_iplayer at
Sat Sep 7 09:32:36 EDT 2013

At present I use an ooREXX program to build the command I
wish to execute (at least in part to prevent me making stupid mistakes in
the command string, and also because I'm sharing the caches & history file
between computers via Dropbox, but fetching files to local directories on
any particular machine, so I need to override various defaults).

For now I run some cache refreshes from a Windows scheduled task.  Some get
run manually, as do all fetches.  

I did experiment with issuing the command (which here is an
explicit command to run perl for the script) and redirect all
output to another file.  But I found it problematic - I can't quite remember
whether the output I ended up with was incomplete, or whether it prevented's own redirection of its utilities' output from working...

Is there a way to have's output put in a file without
interfering with utility output?   

I've also had one instance of perl crashing (not when using my own
redirection)- it was weird because it happened after perl had started the
rtmpdump.exe program - when one might not have expected perl to be doing
anything at all.  Rtmpdump continued, as you'd expect.  For now, having only
seen this once, I'm not planning to try to detect and cleanup from it in my
program, but - especially if I start fetching on a timer, I might have to.  

Jeremy Nicoll - my opinions are my own.

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