WebPVR Record not working

Derek Moss dmgi at stoptheviolence.co.uk
Sat Oct 20 09:06:03 EDT 2012

It's been a while since I last used GI (although I haven't changed it
since I last used it OK, it's on 2.82 I think) but I loaded the WebPVR
and refreshed the cache and tried to download Lilyhammer ep6 and it
just says "Recording Completed" as soon as it starts. I tested with
Merlin as well and that does the same thing.

I've posted some extracts from the window which might be helpful.

DEBUG: Command: ".\get_iplayer.cmd" --nopurge --nocopyright --listplugins
INFO: Listening on
GET: /
DEBUG: get_iplayer options: "modes=flashaachigh,flashaacstd,flashaudio,flashhigh
,flashstd,flashnormal,realaudio,flashaaclow" "force=0" "refreshfuture=0" "future
=0" "subtitles=0" "fields=name" "type=tv" "search=.*" "history=0" "versionlist=d
efault" "hide=0" "thumb=0" "skipdeleted=0" "nopurge=1" "listformat=ENTRY|<index>
|<filename>|<mode>" "page=1" "pagesize=20" "sortmatches=index"

INFO: Starting Recording Now
DEBUG: get_iplayer options: "pid=b01ndj79" "type=tv" "modes=flashaachigh,flashaa
cstd,flashaudio,flashhigh,flashstd,flashnormal,realaudio,flashaaclow" "force=0"
"refreshfuture=0" "subtitles=0" "hide=0" "thumb=0"
INFO: Win32 Command: .\get_iplayer.cmd --nopurge --nocopyright --expiry=99999999
9 --hash --webrequest pid%3Db01ndj79?type%3Dtv?modes%3Dflashaachigh%2Cflashaacst
rce%3D0?refreshfuture%3D0?subtitles%3D0?hide%3D0?thumb%3D0 2>&1

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