WebPVR Record not working

dinkypumpkin dinkypumpkin at gmail.com
Sat Oct 20 12:30:33 EDT 2012

On 20/10/2012 14:06, Derek Moss wrote:
> It's been a while since I last used GI (although I haven't changed it
> since I last used it OK, it's on 2.82 I think) but I loaded the WebPVR
> and refreshed the cache and tried to download Lilyhammer ep6 and it
> just says "Recording Completed" as soon as it starts. I tested with
> Merlin as well and that does the same thing.
> I've posted some extracts from the window which might be helpful.
> DEBUG: Command: ".\get_iplayer.cmd" --nopurge --nocopyright --listplugins
> INFO: Listening on
> GET: /
> DEBUG: get_iplayer options: "modes=flashaachigh,flashaacstd,flashaudio,flashhigh
> ,flashstd,flashnormal,realaudio,flashaaclow" "force=0" "refreshfuture=0" "future
> =0" "subtitles=0" "fields=name" "type=tv" "search=.*" "history=0" "versionlist=d
> efault" "hide=0" "thumb=0" "skipdeleted=0" "nopurge=1" "listformat=ENTRY|<index>
> |<thumbnail>|<pid>|<available>|<type>|<name>|<episode>|<versions>|<duration>|<de
> sc>|<channel>|<categories>|<timeadded>|<guidance>|<web>|<seriesnum>|<episodenum>
> |<filename>|<mode>" "page=1" "pagesize=20" "sortmatches=index"
> INFO: Starting Recording Now
> DEBUG: get_iplayer options: "pid=b01ndj79" "type=tv" "modes=flashaachigh,flashaa
> cstd,flashaudio,flashhigh,flashstd,flashnormal,realaudio,flashaaclow" "force=0"
> "refreshfuture=0" "subtitles=0" "hide=0" "thumb=0"
> INFO: Win32 Command: .\get_iplayer.cmd --nopurge --nocopyright --expiry=99999999
> 9 --hash --webrequest pid%3Db01ndj79?type%3Dtv?modes%3Dflashaachigh%2Cflashaacst
> d%2Cflashaudio%2Cflashhigh%2Cflashstd%2Cflashnormal%2Crealaudio%2Cflashaaclow?fo
> rce%3D0?refreshfuture%3D0?subtitles%3D0?hide%3D0?thumb%3D0 2>&1

Works OK here.  The "Recording complete" is slightly misleading in that 
is really just signifies that get_iplayer finished, not necessarily that 
it was successful.  I would expect to see some more output in the 
command window if it encountered an error, so that's odd.  The first 
thing to do is try downloading a few more programmes, including radio, 
to establish that it's a general problem.

The next thing to do is to establish if get_iplayer itself is working. 
To perform an exact test,  copy the command (everything after "INFO: 
Win32 Command: " into Notepad (or similar), edit it so that is a single 
line, then paste it at the get_iplayer command and run.

If the above works from the command line, you next move might be to grab 
the latest version of the web pvr (get_iplayer.cgi) from Git.  There is 
a minor change in the code related to direct downloads, but I wouldn't 
expect it to have any impact.  The release 2.82 version still works for 
me, anyway.

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