Run PVR Scheduler Now - Doesn't pickup new recordings when left running

dinkypumpkin dinkypumpkin at
Fri Oct 19 19:36:35 EDT 2012

On 19/10/2012 18:32, Mike Glaire wrote:
> I have get_iplayer running in Windows XP and have re-installed it with
> the latest versions of all software.
> After starting get_iplayer from the Start menu using the "Run PVR
> Schduler Now" command, programs set-up in the PVR record OK, however
> if I leave get_iplayer running it doesn't recognise new programs that
> become available in iplayer. Just keeps waking up, recording nothing
> and then going to sleep again.
> INFO: Sleeping for 14399 secs
> Running PVR Searches:
> Choir
> Horizon
> INFO: Sleeping for 14398 secs
> Running PVR Searches:
> Choir
> Horizon
> INFO: Sleeping for 14399 secs
> When I stop get_iplayer and then restart it  the new programs  are
> recognised and recorded.

You're right. The cache file is never refreshed on successive pvr runs 
with --pvrscheduler.  Instead, get_iplayer just re-reads the in-memory 
cache it created on the first run.  Not very useful, but --pvrscheduler 
is obviously not a popular feature.  I suppose most people have just 
been using cron and --pvr rather than running in standalone scheduler mode.

AFAICT, this feature never worked.  The related code comes from the 
original developer and hasn't been touched since he abandoned the 
project.  I think it can be fixed, but I'll need to give it a closer 
look when I have some time - it's a bit convoluted.

A couple of alternatives come to mind:

- Use the Web PVR.  You'll need the latest version from Git. PVR Run was 
broken on Windows in the 2.82 release for an entirely different reason.

- I assume the Windows task scheduler could be used to set up periodic 
execution of get_iplayer, but I don't know the proper incantation. 
Basically, you would need to run get_iplayer with --nopurge and --pvr at 
some interval.  Not sure if you can just use the get_iplayer.cmd batch 
file for a scheduled task or if it's something more cryptic.  Perhaps 
someone else here has done this.

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