Smart naming of output files

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Sun Jul 29 04:13:00 EDT 2012

> *From:* Arthur Murray <amurrayfsf at>
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> *Date:* Sat, 28 Jul 2012 16:55:44 -0700
> Has anyone found a way to get nicely named files no matter the
> Category or type of programme?
> fileprefix <nameshort>.<senum>.<episodeshort>
> Isn't that great, since there are single shows without senums and
> series without series/ep #'s (Wallander) and I end up with ".." in 
> the
> filename. Some have s##e## (Wallander Series 3) which turn out fine.
> Films/documentaries don't have an episodeshort or senum, but they
> might be remakes of older films so the year would be useful in the
> filename rather than empty senum and episodeshort.
> I'm looking to get clean/smart filenames all the time.  Any hints?

In the same vein, I'd like to be able to get filenames without the PID
and 'default' tacked on the end. It's a real pain having to rename them
every time.

       John (mail at

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