Smart naming of output files

Arthur Murray amurrayfsf at
Sat Jul 28 19:55:44 EDT 2012

Has anyone found a way to get nicely named files no matter the
Category or type of programme?

fileprefix <nameshort>.<senum>.<episodeshort>

Isn't that great, since there are single shows without senums and
series without series/ep #'s (Wallander) and I end up with ".." in the
filename. Some have s##e## (Wallander Series 3) which turn out fine.

Films/documentaries don't have an episodeshort or senum, but they
might be remakes of older films so the year would be useful in the
filename rather than empty senum and episodeshort.

I'm looking to get clean/smart filenames all the time.  Any hints?

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