Recording 'archived' items on iplayer site

James Cook james.cook at
Sun Jul 1 17:10:42 EDT 2012

On Thu, 28 Jun 2012 23:00:42 +0100, you wrote:

>Funny that - I tried this earlier today. This page for the archive.
>Yields the PID - b006qykl
> get_iplayer --pid=b006qykl --type=radio --pid-recursive
>has a go at downloading the archive. I've not let it run as somewhere
>in the get_iplayer doc it says don't download whole archives.
>In that spirit what I did do was download 100 shows I most wanted to
>listen to with some hackery, including a 70 Second pause between
Yes, the docs do say something like that.

In the days before the In Our Time archive was completely "officially"
online, and before getiplayer or iplayer,  I also "made a copy" of the
old archive (see e.g.
)  - just because it wasn't really officially online. 
Nowadays there's no real reason to download the whole thing  ... 

The only remaiining anorak interest is the fact that AFAICT the
iplayer archive is not complete.

I'm not sure if some shows are still missing or incorrectly labelled
(see discussion on the old BBC message boards) but some IOT iplayer
programmes are only 30 mins long. 

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