Missing video titles

fs ck fsckemail at gmail.com
Fri Jan 13 09:32:20 EST 2012

> You can now with the latest get_iplayer in git. I just committed a
> patch for the new --tagonly option. You can use it as follows:
> get_iplayer my-prog-name --tagonly --get
> if the programme is no longer available on iplayer you can apply it to
> your download history (as long as the BBC retain the metadata online)
> using:
> get_iplayer my-prog-name --tagonly --history
> The latter will skip any matches that are no longer in their
> downloaded directory/folder.

I forgot to say that you might still need those other tagging options
as suggested in this thread but at least this new option will allow
you to re-tag your downloads.

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