Missing video titles

Andy Waddington (software devel) acornqa at pennine.demon.co.uk
Sun Jan 8 09:59:07 EST 2012

Sometime before sending, Shevek typed (and on Sunday 2012-01-08 sent):

> If you add --tag-fulltitle to your command line / options

Doesn't this mean that you are still subject to the whim of how
the BBC choose to label each programme on its website ? They
don't seem to do this consistenetly (at least, not for radio
programmes which are the only ones I use tags for anyway).

My pvr set-up knows what programmes it is looking for, it's
entirely clear what date it is downloading the programme,
and really, I'd like to set at least *some* of the the tags
consistently myself, regardless of what the BBC might be
saying. Currently I end up doing this by hand myself, often
weeks later, in huge batches that take several hours work...

For instance, one of my pvr files says:

type radio
channel BBC Radio 4
search0 Leading Edge

and I would prefer it tagged with Genre: "radio", Artist
"BBC Radio 4", Album "Leading Edge" and for title, the ISO
date of transmission (or of downloading). This would make
it appear in a sensible way in Amarok or Clementine. I have
no doubt that others organise their collections differently
and would also prefer to choose tags to fit. Typically this
isn't remotely what I get, and what I get seems to change
every few weeks as if the person typing in the bits of text
which gets turned into tags is some new temporary employee
every few weeks, with no rules to follow.

Since there's nothing we can do about how the BBC sets things
up, it would be nice to have options to define the tags which
would be saved in the pvr search files.

Mostly this stuff is only discovered after the fact, when it's
way too late to find out what the website said (typically I
catch up on radio programmes months later, rather than days).


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