Missing video titles

Shevek shevek at shevek.co.uk
Sun Jan 8 11:08:10 EST 2012

On 8 January 2012 14:59, Andy Waddington (software devel)
<acornqa at pennine.demon.co.uk> wrote:
> Sometime before sending, Shevek typed (and on Sunday 2012-01-08 sent):
>> If you add --tag-fulltitle to your command line / options
> Doesn't this mean that you are still subject to the whim of how
> the BBC choose to label each programme on its website ? They

Unfortunately, yes.

> don't seem to do this consistenetly (at least, not for radio
> programmes which are the only ones I use tags for anyway).

Neither for TV

> <Snip>
> Since there's nothing we can do about how the BBC sets things
> up, it would be nice to have options to define the tags which
> would be saved in the pvr search files.

As you've found, tagging in get_iplayer at the moment is one size fits
all. I'm sure it is possible to implement a profile / template based
tagging option but I assume it would be quite an effort (in both time
and perl knowledge) to do so!

Perhaps one of the devs on this list has enough of both to have a go
at it. Whilst I have the time I unfortunately don't have the required

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