Accessing the BBC from outside the UK at
Fri Jan 6 06:14:31 EST 2012

 > To be honest, I don't see the point of get_iplayer, at least for me, 
since I can access and download those iplayer programs available in 
Dublin on my browser, which is a good deal easier to use than get_iplayer.

If your browser works okay, it probably means that a properly configured 
get_iplayer installation will work okay too.  But if you don't need 
get_iplayer then don't use it.  The main reason I use it because my 
"broadband" is so poor at peak times that it won't stream programs in 
the browser without pausing every 30 seconds to buffer the content to 
play a few more seconds of video,  it's completely unwatchable.    It 
works fine at 2 am  when the load on the exchange is much less, but 
that's not very convenient.  Get_iplayer saves the day by letting me 
download programs to my HDD and then view them from there.

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