HD gone missing since upgrading Atomic Parsely

Dan Russell dan at russell-home.co.uk
Wed Jan 4 09:19:16 EST 2012


Long time user of this excellent software, despite knowing jack about Perl etc.

I've probably done something daft, but I can't work out what.  I'm
running get_iplayer 2.80 on Windows using the Web PVR.  Up until
yesterday I was enjoying recording programmes in HD.  Following the
mention on this list of an upgrade to Atomic Parsley to fix the
occasional big file tagging errors I downloaded the later version of
the software and pasted the Atomic Parsley files into the existing

"The Windows installer configuration for AtomicParsley has been updated
to version 0.9.4-hg95.5191bfa76f21.  Direct link:


This updated version fixes a problem tagging large files (e.g., some HD
video programmes) described in the thread beginning here:


Existing Windows users can re-run the installer to upgrade to the latest
AtomicParsley version."

Now I've lost HD recording.  Can anyone help me?



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