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> >   Is there any news on the Windows installer version of the Get I 
> > Player program being updated?
> > 
> >  Get  I Player Version 2.79 doesnt seem to work any more.
> > 
> >   Will the rtmpdump file be upgraded from 2.2d to version 
> 2.4? Or is 
> > there any other way of upgrading this file on a Window's 
> based system?
> > 
> >   There is lots of info out there on the board for Linux & 
> Ubuntu but 
> > none for us Windows users.
> > 
> >  Thanks in advance for any help
> I would love for someone to step forward and maintain the 
> Windows stuff.
> Life is *so* much harder on Windows where we have to do so 
> much for ourselves, as opposed to the Linux packages where we 
> just mark it as depending on perl, ffmpeg, rtmpdump etc., and 
> everything "Just Works".
> And updates for packages like rtmpdump *also* happen 
> properly, because there's a system-wide update mechanism that works.
> I've occasionally tried to keep it up to date, but 
> fundamentally I just don't care about Windows. I'm never 
> going to do a good job of it, and I only even *boot* Windows 
> to test the installation, so I'm not a good person to do it.
> I'd be more than happy to 'hand over', and show someone how I 
> got it working, and give them access to the FTP site so that 
> they can keep things up to date (for example by testing newer 
> versions of the various dependencies and adjusting the links 
> to them, etc.)

Your work to date has been most appreciated by what I think's probably a
largely quiet Windows user community. Thanks on behalf of all of us for
keeping the win32 fork maintained after everyone thought it was going to
curl up in a corner and die of unnatural causes...!

Would a 'differential' installer be a kludge fix? Any simpler for you to
implement? Everyone would to install a snapshotted base version, then after
that install the latest update to obtain latest stable builds and update
references etc. I've not updated get_iplayer since the last major win32
release - it works, I read about problems with the latest 'current' linux
builds (which are subsequently patched very quickly by guys on here... but
I'm in the "Works? DON'T TOUCH IT" camp ;-)

Would it be less work to just write a quick script-based installer which
relied upon a preexisting get_iplayer install for updates? (this of course
doesn't count all of the required work to compile functional win32 builds of
course!) Unfortunately I have close to nil experience with compiling
components for win32, frustrating because in this kind of situation I really
wish I could helpfully contribute.

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