Get Iplayer for Windows

dinkypumpkin dinkypumpkin at
Sun Aug 7 16:38:40 EDT 2011

On 04/08/2011 20:21, David Woodhouse wrote:
> I would love for someone to step forward and maintain the Windows stuff.

I won't volunteer to take over permanently because - like David - I 
don't use Windows much and prefer to keep it that way.  However, I may 
be able to provide a bit of short-term help.  For a while now, I've been 
maintaining a get_iplayer installer for friends, family, and colleagues 
to make it easy for them to keep up with the various changes in the 
get_iplayer universe.  I'd be happy to pass on my modifications to 
whoever takes over the installer.  I think I've done the minimum 
necessary for a new release - more info below.

As David hinted, the installer and related bits could probably use some 
serious TLC, but that's a discussion for another thread.  If anyone is 
interested enough to start that discussion, we can take up specifics 
there.  Even with the current framework, I think the next installer 
release should last for a while, assuming that the problems with 
rtmpdump are sorted.  The helper apps shouldn't need to change that 
often - rtmpdump is the only one to have caused truly major headaches 
for Window users in recent months.  To my mind, the biggest issue that 
has cropped up in recent months is giving Windows users access to the 
latest version of the main get_iplayer script from the git repository, 
but I think the get_iplayer update mechanism should deal with that, not 
the installer.

Anyway, if you're thinking of taking on the installer, some notes on my 
changes are below.  Feedback on potential problems with the helper apps 
would be useful.  Any comments to the list, please.

Summary of changes:

1. HACK:  Installer carries a current version of (with 
faked version 2.80) and disables the initial download of 
from This would obviously be removed in production, but 
is necessary until a 2.80 version is released at
2. Some minor cleanup to ensure clean uninstalls.  A couple of files 
were omitted from the installer and left hanging around on uninstall. 
Also removed the "Downloads" folder that was installed in C:\Program 
Files\get_iplayer.  AFAICT, that folder is never used - someone correct 
me if I'm wrong.
3. Updates to the download sources/versions for helper apps, with minor 
changes to better isolate package/version differences.  Notes on helper 
apps below.
4. Updated the included Perl libraries with MP3::Tag and dependencies to 
support full MP3 tagging on Windows without id3v2.
5. Installer build script translated into a Windows batch file.  The 
installer can be built without need of unix-ish shell or utilities - 
just NSIS and 7-Zip.

Notes on helper apps:

atomicparsley: Updated to 0.9.4 from  The old version 
0.9.0 still works, but it's no longer possible to download it from 
Sourceforge in the installer.  Sourceforge uses meta refresh on download 
pages, so some more drastic changes in the installer would be necessary 
to cope.  It doesn't seem worth the trouble as long as another source is 

ffmpeg: Updated to 0.8 from  Same source as earlier 
version, but different site name.  Videolan recently released 0.8.1, but 
I haven't yet seen an updated build with that version stamp.  Version 
0.8 should include all get_iplayer-relevant fixes.

lame: Updated to 3.98.4 from  As far as I can tell the 
old 3.98.2 version from never worked (wouldn't launch), at 
least on XP.

mplayer: Remains at version 1.0-rc2.  I know they marked 1.0-rc4 earlier 
in the year, but I didn't see a new Windows build.

rtmpdump: Updated to nominal 2.4 
( mentioned elsewhere on the 
list).  Like others here, I've seen better results with resuming 
downloads using this build.  Is this the build to fix on?  Others need 
to chime in here.  As David mentioned elsewhere, at least one possible 
relevant change to rtmpdump post-dates this build.

vlc: Updated to 1.1.11.

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