. The little _Korosko_ puffed and spluttered her way up the river, kicking up t

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He _chef_ of the post-boat had ever tasted like that dry brown
bread?--and then, luxury of luxuries, they had a second ration of a
glass of water, for the fresh-filled bags of the new-comers had provided
an ample supply. If the body would but follow the lead of the soul as
readily as the soul does that of the body, what a heaven the earth might
be! Now, with their base material wants satisfied for the instant, their
spirits began to sing within them, and they mounted their camels with
some sense of the romance of their position. Mr. Stuart remained
babbling upon the ground, and the Arabs made no effort to lift him into
his saddle. His large, white, upturned face glimmered through the
gathering darkness. "Hi, dragoman, tell them that they are forgetting
Mr. Stuart," cried the Colonel. "No use, sir," said Mansoor. "They say
that he is too fat, and that they will not take him any farther. He will
die, they say, and why should they trouble about him?" "Not take him!"
cried Cochrane. "Why, the man will perish of hunger and thirst. Where's
the Emir? Hi!" he shouted, as the black-bearded Arab passed, with a tone
like that in which he used to summon a dilatory donkey-boy. The chief
did not deign to answer him, but said something to one of the guards,
who dashed the butt of his Remington into the Colonel's ribs.
[Illustration: The old soldier fell forward gasping p145] The old
soldier fell forward gasping, and was carried on half sens
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