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Acility of acquisition, proximity to English ports, are all equalised,
it will be quite time enough to hope for a change in the currents of
emigration, and when that time comes the change will be wrought not by
emotions of patriotic sentiment, but by calculations of prudence. No
true patriot can honestly wish that it should be otherwise, for
patriotism is regard for the wellbeing of the people of a country as
well as affection for its flag. Let us now turn to the more important
question of some organisation by which the whole force of the empire
might be made available in time of war. Our contention is not that the
whole force could not, might not, or ought not to be made available. So
far as these issues go, the answer would depend upon the nature and the
stress of the contingencies which made resort to the whole force of the
empire necessary or desirable. All that we argue for is tha
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