Text as Borrow finally left it. I quote the first stanza of each v

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Ng of: Half-title (with blank reverse) pp. 1-2; Title-page, as above
(with blank reverse) pp. 3-4; and Text of the Poems pp. 5-26. There are
head-lines throughout, each page being headed with the title of the
particular poem occupying it. Following p. 26 is a leaf, with a notice
regarding the American copyright upon the reverse, and with the
following imprint upon its recto: "_London_: / _Printed for Thomas J.
Wise_, _Hampstead_, _N.W._ / _Edition limited to Thirty Copies_." The
signatures are A (six leaves), and B (a full sheet of eight leaves), the
one inset within the other. Issued in bright gr
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