Manually restoring routing table after OpenConnect termination (mac os x question)

Assaf Gordon assafgordon at
Thu Nov 12 11:29:35 PST 2015


A small usability question:
I'm using OpenConnect v6.00-237-g3637c7d (compiled from git) on Mac OS X client to a Cisco VPN.
It works very well.

However, if I leave the laptop alone for a few minutes, and the laptop goes to sleep, it turns off the WiFi/network connection, and OpenConnect terminates.
When it terminates in this way, it does not do proper shutdown, and so the network-configuration is left in a bad state (e.g. the routing table). Re-connecting is impossible (as the IP address of the VPN server is now somehow coded in the invalid routing table, and is unreachable).

Is there a way to manually run the shutdown script, to forcibly restore the network configuration to its original (pre-vpn) state? currently, rebooting is my ugly work-around.

 - Assaf

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