[GIT PULL] BCM2835/6 changes for 4.5 (I hope)

Florian Fainelli f.fainelli at gmail.com
Wed Dec 30 18:58:31 PST 2015

Le 28/12/2015 21:01, Eric Anholt a écrit :
> Apparently this is really late in the process (sorry!  I still haven't
> figured out the timelines.), but I'm hoping we could merge these
> changes for 4.5.  This includes the Raspberry Pi 2 port, with just two
> minor fixes from the last submission.
> The reason I've been pushing hard to get pi2 in is:
> 1) It's a lot of conflict resolution every version since it requires
> splitting the 2835 DT file.
> 2) People are generally using pi2 these days, so it means people are
> more likely to upstream 2835 driver code if we have an upstream port
> they can run.
> Testing status: kbuild test robot builds passed.  Boot tested each
> branch head on pi1.  Boot tested the merge of all 4 branches on pi1.
> Boot tested the merge of all 4 branches on pi2, with and without the
> irqchip fixes.

Considering that we are fairly late for v4.5, I would prefer if Arnd,
Olof or Kevin could take these directly into their respective branches,
if this is really really too late, then I will queue these changes, and
the next ones you have for v4.6.

Thanks and happy holidays!

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