device tree on rpi2 not working

Tim Sander tim at
Wed Dec 16 09:32:27 PST 2015

Hi Phil

Thanks for your reply.

Am Dienstag, 15. Dezember 2015, 21:57:47 schrieb Phil:
> You mustn't have asked your question in the Device Tree Forum, otherwise I
> would have seen it. 
You are right, i posted it to the "Advanced User" Forum. I just posted a reply 
with the solution to make users of search engines happy. I will try to select 
the right forum next time i have a question.

> This also isn't the right forum for your question, but
> it found me so I'll answer. Read this
> ( and
> use the mkknlimg script to tell the RPi firmware that the kernel is
> DT-ready.
Eric's hint was enough (device_tree=bcm2709-rpi-2-b.dtb in config.txt). As i 
am using with ptxdist a complete cross building environment the building of 
the kernel is a little different ("ptxdist images" or more specifically 
"ptxdist targetinstall kernel"). But the hint for mkknlimg is interesting 
nevertheless as i have not known about it.

Still i would like to know what the base repository for the patches on this 
list is.

Best regards

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