How to investigate PCMCIA driver loading (freeze)

Peter Stuge stuge-linux-pcmcia at
Thu Nov 30 00:48:37 EST 2006

On Wed, Nov 29, 2006 at 11:01:03PM +0100, Fab G. wrote:
> I know I have the hostap driver available (I can even modprobe it
> at will) but it does not seem to be loaded when the card is plugged
> in (and no Wifi interface is created).

The module I think you want is named hostap_cs, not just hostap. The
latter is a set of common code used by hostap_cs, hostap_pci and
hostap_plx. If you load hostap_cs it will automatically pull in
hostap, but without hostap_cs no driver will care about your card.

Please try loading hostap_cs manually. If everything works well then
you could compile a new kernel that excludes orinoco_cs but includes
hostap_cs to avoid the problem.

Of course it would be nice if you also wanted to help debug this
problem, but I'm afraid I can't suggest anything simpler than diving
into the code to add debug printouts. Well, you could start with a
serial console, maybe it would show something that doesn't make it
to the syslog file before the system locks up.


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