How to investigate PCMCIA driver loading (freeze)

Fab G. fabrataz at
Thu Nov 30 03:46:25 EST 2006

On Thu Nov 30 00:48:37 EST 2006, Peter wrote:
>The module I think you want is named hostap_cs, not just hostap. The
>latter is a set of common code used by hostap_cs, hostap_pci and
>hostap_plx. If you load hostap_cs it will automatically pull in
>hostap, but without hostap_cs no driver will care about your card.
>Please try loading hostap_cs manually. If everything works well then
>you could compile a new kernel that excludes orinoco_cs but includes
>hostap_cs to avoid the problem.
>Of course it would be nice if you also wanted to help debug this
>problem, but I'm afraid I can't suggest anything simpler than diving
>into the code to add debug printouts. Well, you could start with a
>serial console, maybe it would show something that doesn't make it
>to the syslog file before the system locks up.

Er..yes  I meant hostap_cs, but when I load it manually  through
modprobe it does not do anything (when orinoco[_cs] is blacklisted).

Ok, I will have to go to the source then.

IIRC from previous experience with modules, I will need to recompile
the whole kernel and it's going to take some time on this machine...

My question remains, though, how does the kernel choose which driver
to use when the same card is referenced in both (at least in
wireless/orinoco_cs.c and wireless/hostap/hostap_cs.c) ? I guess this
general selection mechanism must be explained somewhere but I haven"t
been able to find it. I have not fully explored all the code though.



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