iomem and ioports ranges reversed

Pavel Roskin proski at
Thu May 4 10:10:27 EDT 2006


On Thu, 2006-05-04 at 10:01 -0400, Iain Barker wrote:
> In the continuing pursuit of working 32-bit ioport ranges, I just
> finishing merging our embedded ARM kernel from through 2.6.13
> so I can use pcmciautils hotplug instead of pcmcia-cs.
> It seems to be almost working, the CF card is detected but the
> 'Available' iomem and ioports ranges are reversed in the display -
> this is using the latest pcmciautils-013 latest from
> Is this a known bug in pcmciautils, or did I screw something up in my
> kernel merge ?

It's a known bug in pcmciautils.  It was fixed in the git repository
about a month ago.

Pavel Roskin

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