iomem and ioports ranges reversed

Iain Barker ibarker at
Thu May 4 10:01:35 EDT 2006

In the continuing pursuit of working 32-bit ioport ranges, I just finishing merging our embedded ARM kernel from through 2.6.13 so I can use pcmciautils hotplug instead of pcmcia-cs.

It seems to be almost working, the CF card is detected but the 'Available' iomem and ioports ranges are reversed in the display - this is using the latest pcmciautils-013 latest from

Is this a known bug in pcmciautils, or did I screw something up in my kernel merge ?

# pccardctl ls -vv
Socket 0 Bridge:        [yenta_cardbus]         (bus ID: 0000:00:00.0)
        Configuration:  state: suspended        ready: yes
                        Voltage: 3.3V Vcc: 3.3V Vpp: 3.3V
                        Available IRQs: none
                        Available iomem:        0x20000000 - 0x200000ff
                                                0x20000400 - 0x200004ff
                        Available ioports:      0x30000000 - 0x31ffffff
                                                0x32000000 - 0x33ffffff
                                                0x34010000 - 0x34010fff
                                                0x34800000 - 0x37ffffff
Socket 0 Device 0:      [ide-cs]                (bus ID: 0.0)
        Configuration:  state: suspended
        Product Name:   SanDisk SDP 5/3 0.6
        Identification: manf_id: 0x0045 card_id: 0x0401
                        function: 4 (fixed disk)
                        prod_id(1): "SanDisk" (0x7a954bd9)
                        prod_id(2): "SDP" (0x91844b1c)
                        prod_id(3): "5/3 0.6" (0xaac4295b)
                        prod_id(4): --- (---)
# cat /proc/iomem
01000000-07ffffff : System RAM
  0101e000-012160f7 : Kernel text
  01218000-012d9703 : Kernel data
10090000-1009001f : serial
11000000-117fffff : comcerto flash
30000000-37ffffff : Comcerto PCI Memory Space
  30000000-31ffffff : PCI CardBus #01
  32000000-33ffffff : PCI CardBus #01
  34000000-3400ffff : 0000:00:01.0
  34010000-34010fff : 0000:00:00.0
    34010000-34010fff : yenta_socket
  34011000-34011fff : 0000:00:01.0
    34011000-34011fff : natsemi
  34800000-34800fff : pcmcia_socket0

# cat /proc/ioports
20000000-2000ffff : Comcerto PCI I/O Space
  20000000-200000ff : PCI CardBus #01
  20000400-200004ff : PCI CardBus #01
  20000800-200008ff : 0000:00:01.0
    20000800-200008ff : natsemi

Please can someone else try this and post whether their mappings are shown correctly or reversed?


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