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Greg KH greg at
Fri Jun 9 11:54:26 EDT 2006

On Fri, Jun 09, 2006 at 10:32:18AM +0530, kaustav.majumdar at wrote:
> Hi all,
> We are developing a device driver for a PCMCIA based USB Host
> Controller.
> We are facing an issue in the operation of the driver under X Windows.
> In the PCMCIA client driver, we register a platform device.
> Through this platform device, we are passing the resources to the Host
> Controller Driver.
> The HCD is using these resources for driving the Host Controller.
> The issue arises for the following situation under X Windows.
> 1. Insert a USB mass storage device
> 2. Mount the device.
> 3. While transfer is in progress, remove the PC card.
> In this situation, we have noted that the
> function is not getting called.
> If we do not mount the device, then the release function is getting
> called.
> Can anyone please tell why this may be happening?
> When we operate from console, we are not facing the issue. 
> In that case the release function is getting called properly.	
> Then does the issue have anything to do with X Windows?

Perhaps HAL has a sysfs file for the device held open?
Is this really a problem?

And why not just use the existing USB host controller drivers?

Also, what kernel version are you using, and do you have a pointer to
your code so that we see if you are doing something wrong?


greg k-h

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