not getting called under X Windows

Jinesh K J jineshkj.newsletters at
Fri Jun 9 02:03:54 EDT 2006


are u using printk() for tracing the function calls. then it might
happen that xterm is just not displaying the output. i'm not familiar
with pcmcia, so please forgive me for any foolish comments.

On 6/9/06, kaustav.majumdar at <kaustav.majumdar at> wrote:
> Hi all,
> We are developing a device driver for a PCMCIA based USB Host
> Controller.
> We are facing an issue in the operation of the driver under X Windows.
> In the PCMCIA client driver, we register a platform device.
> Through this platform device, we are passing the resources to the Host
> Controller Driver.
> The HCD is using these resources for driving the Host Controller.
> The issue arises for the following situation under X Windows.
> 1. Insert a USB mass storage device
> 2. Mount the device.
> 3. While transfer is in progress, remove the PC card.
> In this situation, we have noted that the
> function is not getting called.
> If we do not mount the device, then the release function is getting
> called.
> Can anyone please tell why this may be happening?
> When we operate from console, we are not facing the issue.
> In that case the release function is getting called properly.

ie, it gets called whether the device is mounted or not. right?

> Then does the issue have anything to do with X Windows?

BTW, i didn't understand what u meant by operating from console. what
are u operating. did u mean to say "when not running X server"?
normally X server should in no way affect the functioning of a device

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