CardBus cards not detected, PCMCIA cards are

Jonathan Jara-Almonte jonjara at
Fri Jun 9 15:38:20 EDT 2006

Hi, I have a Compaq Presario 2100US (PCMCIA bridge is O2Micro 
OZ601/6912/711EO) and also 3 diferent cards: 1 PCMCIA 56k/fax card, one 
D-Link 10/100Mbps ethernet adaptop, and 1 Linksys WPC54G ver. 3 wireless 
adaptop. If I insert the 56k/fax card it is detected and a card entry appears 
in lspcmcia and information appears when I run pccardctl info/ident. 
pccardctl status reports it as a 5V 16bit PCMCIA card. On the other hand when 
I put in either of the other cards, no entry for them appears and the only 
info I can find listed about them is that pccardctl status sees a 3.3V 32bit 
CardBus card. How should I go about getting these cards working (I'm most 
concerned with the wireless card the others I don't really care about). 


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