Breezecom SA-PCR Wireless NIC

Dominik Brodowski linux at
Fri Feb 4 17:01:40 EST 2005

On Mon, Jan 31, 2005 at 01:33:19PM -0500, Stephen Villano wrote:
> Is there a driver available for the old BreezeCom SA-PCR wireless nic? I
> know there was one available for the old cs tree, but due to changes in the
> API's it, of course won't compile. I'd hate to have to trash the hardware at
> home for lack of Linux drivers...

Unfortunately, the driver you're referring to seems to be unmaintained since 
2000 -- many changes to the networking and the PCMCIA subsystem (both 
pcmcia-cs and in-kernel) have been done in between. 
seems sick as well. So unless someone steps up and ports the driver to current
kernels and/or pcmcia-cs, it seems you're either stuck with pcmcia-cs-3.0.x
or you need a better supported wireless lan card. It's quite unfortunate
because the original and company-submitted driver was GPL; but such things
happen if drivers do not reach the Linux kernel source tree (a small hint to
all interested parties...).

However, this driver might not be the one you're actually looking for. Check
Possibly its one which is supported by ray_cs or netwave_cs ("newave_cs" seems
to be a spelling error). I hope one of these drivers works for you.


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