Breezecom SA-PCR Wireless NIC

Stephen Villano stephen.villano at
Fri Feb 4 18:05:59 EST 2005

Thanks, I've tried the netwave_cs driver to no avail, interestingly enough
it locked the system when it tried to load, but released the lockup when the
card was removed.
I'll check out the ray_cs, but I'd rather doubt it. Alvarion purchased
Breezecom a couple of years back and seems to have thrown up their arms in
disgust with that older product line (as I've never found a wireless card
that could communicate with their excuse for 802.11, I can see why). 
I'm going to tool around for a while longer, but rather suspect I'm going to
have to replace an access point and the wireless bridge to the ether for my
printer. Only $50 or so USD, but annoying after being out of work for 7

At least I'll be starting a new gig this Monday, seems that Linux experience
is required for this position deploying POS systems for an automotive parts
retailer.  :)

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> On Mon, Jan 31, 2005 at 01:33:19PM -0500, Stephen Villano wrote:
> > Is there a driver available for the old BreezeCom SA-PCR wireless nic? I
> > know there was one available for the old cs tree, but due to changes in
> the
> > API's it, of course won't compile. I'd hate to have to trash the
> hardware at
> > home for lack of Linux drivers...
> Unfortunately, the driver you're referring to seems to be unmaintained
> since
> 2000 -- many changes to the networking and the PCMCIA subsystem (both
> pcmcia-cs and in-kernel) have been done in between.
> seems sick as well. So unless someone steps up and ports the driver to
> current
> kernels and/or pcmcia-cs, it seems you're either stuck with pcmcia-cs-
> 3.0.x
> or you need a better supported wireless lan card. It's quite unfortunate
> because the original and company-submitted driver was GPL; but such things
> happen if drivers do not reach the Linux kernel source tree (a small hint
> to
> all interested parties...).
> However, this driver might not be the one you're actually looking for.
> Check
> s.html#BreezeNetPC
> Possibly its one which is supported by ray_cs or netwave_cs ("newave_cs"
> seems
> to be a spelling error). I hope one of these drivers works for you.
> 	Dominik

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