[Bug 4501] PCMCIA Card not powered on - CardBus bridge: Ricoh Co Ltd RL5c476 II (rev ac)

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Sun Apr 24 03:01:06 EDT 2005


------- Additional Comments From hadmut at danisch.de  2005-04-24 00:01 -------
I meant a modern 32-bit card. And I always thought those 
crufty old 16-bit things were called "PCMCIA-Cards", while 
the term "PC-Card" was invented for those modern 32-bit cards.
The term "PC-Card" did not exist in the old days of those
16-bit cards. The visible difference between PCMCIA Card and 
PC-Card is that PC-Cards have a nubbed contact plate and the 
connector is thicker on one side to avoid plugging a 
PC-Card into a PCMCIA slot.

The need for pci=noacpi turned out to be independent of the 
card problem. I used a kernel with my default configuration, which 
I use for several different computers (including modern P4), but 
this kernel ran on the MSI notebook with this option only. Therefore 
I guessed that the card problem is somehow related to ACPI.
Meanwhile someone else sent me a kernel configuration for which 
this pci=noacpi option is not needed, but since the configuration 
heavily differs from mine I did not yet figure out, what exactly
makes the difference. But it has no effect on the cardbus problem, 
so this was a wrong guess of mine.

I received a  mail this morning from another user of the same machine
who told me that the pci-fix.patch is not needed to solve the 
cardbus problem. So it is the cardbus-signedness and the cardbus-fixup-bridge
patches which solve the problem. Unfortunately I have no idea where they
came from. 


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