NAND on MV78100

Nils Faerber nils.faerber at
Thu Sep 23 04:16:35 EDT 2010

I am currently working on board support for a Marvell MV78100 based
board. The MV78100 uses the same Orion SOC components as e.g. the
Kirkwood which is quite well supported from OpenRD and SheevaPlug.

After some struggling I got the Orion NAND driver working, it detects
the NAND chip properly (512MB) and assigns a partition. Everything seems
OK so far.

But when I read from the device, e.g. just by "cat /dev/mtdblock1 | wc
-c" it starts to fail with "uncorrectable error" after exactly 1MB

This seems pretty strange to me and I have no real idea where to look
for the problem. I have the Orion NAND driver working cleanly with the
very same kernel version on a Kirkwood based board without problems.

Any hint on where to look would be *very* much appreciated ;)



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