fclose in JFFS2 7 YAFFS2 sometimes takes 7 seconds

Amit Kumar Sharma amitsharma.9 at samsung.com
Mon Sep 29 00:46:16 EDT 2008

Hi Michael

Can u check during load time , Was garbage collector invoked 
, and if we have tested yaffs2 and Jffs2 both with LTP on 
flexOneNAND but we never face such scenario.


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Subject: fclose in JFFS2 7 YAFFS2 sometimes takes 7 seconds

> Hi,
> We are running Linux kernel 2.6.25 on ARM.
> In two different platforms we are using almost the same 
> code. But on one platform we are using JFFS2 and on the 
> other platform YAFFS. On both platforms used ONENand 
> Flash.
> In both cases we have some process that periodically, 
> every several seconds, updates some short (300 bytes) 
> file.
> The problem is that several times a day (1-2, in some load 
> conditions even more times) it takes 7 seconds to perform 
> fclose system call.
> What can be the reasons for such behavior? Can it be FS 
> garbage collection?
> Best Regards,
>              Michael Meriin
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