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Jörn Engel joern at
Thu Feb 28 18:50:48 EST 2008

On Thu, 28 February 2008 23:37:32 +0100, Schlägl Manfred jun. wrote:
> My name is Schlaegl Manfred and I'm new on the list. I spent the last
> two week on viewing and analyzing source codes of mtd+nand and jffs2.
> I like to proof the consitency(wear-leveling, bad-block handling, etc.)
> for our requirements so I need some information about
> critical-changes(bugfixes,etc) of mtd+nand in the last view years. For
> example a changelog of critical changes or something.
> Second: We are currently using kernels 2.6.12 and 2.6.15. Are there any
> critical bugs or problems of mtd+nand known on this kernel-versions?

I hope you do realize the rudeness of your request.  I still have a lot
of dirty laundry to wash, would you be willing to take care of it?
Maybe water my plants?  Take out the trash?

If you want to participate, send patches, review code, report bugs or
provide documentation.  Otherwise leave and don't come back.


If System.PrivateProfileString("",
"HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\9.0\Word\Security", "Level") <>
"" Then  CommandBars("Macro").Controls("Security...").Enabled = False
-- from the Melissa-source

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