Erase block summary commited

Ferenc Havasi havasi at
Mon Sep 19 10:38:45 EDT 2005

Hi Jarkko,

>I just tried the CVS head on a device with a JFFS2 image which works
>with summary patch from last May.  With CVS head I got several of 
>  JFFS2 warning: (337) jffs2_sum_scan_sumnode: Summary node crc error,
>skipping summary information.
>Did the summary node format change recently and do I have to reflash
>in order to use the new summary code?
Yes, I've forgotten to warn you. Sorry.

There was some small change in the summary node format (for example
jint16 => jint32) suggested by Joern, which makes necessary to
regenarate summary with the new sumtool utility. If you do it, it should
work fine again.


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