Erase block summary commited

Jarkko Lavinen jarkko.lavinen at
Mon Sep 19 10:26:11 EDT 2005

On Wed, Sep 07, 2005 at 11:14:55AM +0200, ext Ferenc Havasi wrote:
> I've now commited our mount time improvement called erase block summary.

I just tried the CVS head on a device with a JFFS2 image which works
with summary patch from last May.  With CVS head I got several of 

  JFFS2 warning: (337) jffs2_sum_scan_sumnode: Summary node crc error,
skipping summary information.

Did the summary node format change recently and do I have to reflash
in order to use the new summary code?

Even with this problem, I am very pleased the erase block summaries finally 
went to CVS.

Jarkko Lavinen

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