docboot: nandwrite: Input file is not page aligned

Joseph M Dupre (AVAB Inc.) dupre at
Fri Oct 21 13:45:30 EDT 2005

On 11 Oct 2005 at 14:02, Dan Brown wrote:

> If you get the same result, then we're in really weird territory, and
> I'd start to wonder if the mtd tools just don't build (or run)
> properly under uClibc.  Is there any chance you can use a standard
> glibc environment to doublecheck?

OK, issue solved.  There is no problem with nandwrite using uClibc 
librarires.  Docboot works "as advertised" using the uClibc buildroot 

My problem was that the doc_spl file was getting corrupted when I 
transferred the image from the build machine to the target.  The 
ftpget command in the uClibc buildroot environment is truncating the 
file durring transfer.  Thus the error messages about "not page 
aligned" were correct.  Sorry.

- Joe 

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