docboot: nandwrite: Input file is not page aligned

Dan Brown dan_brown at
Mon Oct 24 09:15:14 EDT 2005

Joseph M Dupre (AVAB Inc.) wrote:

>OK, issue solved.  There is no problem with nandwrite using uClibc 
>librarires.  Docboot works "as advertised" using the uClibc buildroot 
Glad to hear it's working for you!  Pity you had so much trouble 
figuring out the problem, but suffering builds character :)


>My problem was that the doc_spl file was getting corrupted when I 
>transferred the image from the build machine to the target.  The 
>ftpget command in the uClibc buildroot environment is truncating the 
>file durring transfer.  Thus the error messages about "not page 
>aligned" were correct.  Sorry.
>- Joe 

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