Re; MTD (2) Block Driver broken

Gareth Bult gareth at
Mon Mar 7 17:20:38 EST 2005

> The old driver also got the interface wrong.  In your example, with
> just a single device to use, it doesn't matter.  But once you deal
> with several devices, the old variant really sucks.  That is why I
> changed it (and why I renamed the driver).

If you were to change the parameter name back to "device", it would be
compatible with the old driver. (pretty much) Hence you'd not need to
change the name (?)

.. initially all my system worked with the pre-existing driver. The new
code was a drop-in replacement and I didn't need to make changes to my

Can you not make the parameter handling "sane" and still keep the syntax
such that it's backwards compatible ?

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