Alex pevnev at
Wed Feb 2 14:49:54 EST 2005

Also (in addition to my previous post, where I am questioning the correctness of the output, stating that address belongs to RAM while it clearly does not !), Thomas wrote:

>> The initial boot provides the following:
>> Memory map:
>> /* Chip Select FLASH Normal */
>> #define BR0_VAL 0x04000801 /* Offset=0x04000000 PS=16 GPCM Valid=1 */
>> #define OR0_VAL     0xFFC00160  /* OK */

>The value you are using is the value, which is programmed into the BR0
>register of the CPU. 
>BRx = Bank Register for chipselect x
>ORx = Option Register for chipselect x
>The values in those registers define the start address, buswitdh, size,
>timings for the chipselects. So using those values is definitely not a
>good idea. Of course you can decode the values in the registers to get
>your real address values. 

- it looks that I am in the "chicken" and the "egg" problem ...
According to Thomas (see above), I can not rely on the flash phys start address, given to me "verbotum" - so I can not set the value in .config 
Thomas - in what software you advise me to "decode the values in the registers to get real address values" ? 

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