Do I have to umount JFFS2?

Peter Menzebach pm-mtd at
Fri Dec 16 04:10:54 EST 2005

alfred hitch wrote:
> Hi Steven, Peter,
> I would like to put in some problems we are also facing. I had
> reported it sometime back here also.
> On our system, we are observing that files on flash (jffs2 intel cfi nand)
> are getting corrupted, after  a number of resets and say 3 months of usage)
> Anyone seen anything like this ? any clues on how one can look into this.

Hi Alfred,
I have had no non recoverable error here up to now, but I am not 
representative, since I do not need many permanent writes: I have all 
permanently changeable informations like configuration files in one rw 
partition, and all temporary information like log, lock, pidfiles... in 
the ramdisk. My rootfs stays ro. In my case, I can simply erase the 
"config-partition", and the board definitely is clean.

I have 2 ideas to your problems:
1. Single files can be still corrupted, when you write them and press reset.
2. Your jffs2 version is from a let's say "not so good time"

What I do not understand (from one of your previous posts): You said, a 
command file was damaged. Was this file written at generation time of 
the fs, and then not written any more?

Best regards

Peter Menzebach
Menzebach und Wolff IT-Consulting GbR
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