Do I have to umount JFFS2?

alfred hitch alfred.hitch at
Fri Dec 16 11:36:53 EST 2005

Hi Peter,

We happened to have our system in rw mode (dont ask me why,I will be
Now, we have made it ro.
Files in question happened to be "sh"  or etc.. basically one
which appeared to be in memory at that time before kernel oops or
sudden resets etc. So, to answer your question, yes they were from
start there. After making ro as ofnow we havent seen any corruptions.
But, my head has been looking for a reason as to why would it be
executables be ever written back to flash ??

Well jffs2 version we are using happened to be from snapgear 3.0 from
net. so I am kinda biased and hoping we arent with a such a broken
(How to update to latest btw ? 2.4 backwards compatible ?)

Didnt get this comment of ur's :
1. Single files can be still corrupted, when you write them and press reset.


On 12/16/05, Peter Menzebach <pm-mtd at> wrote:
> alfred hitch wrote:
> > Hi Steven, Peter,
> >
> > I would like to put in some problems we are also facing. I had
> > reported it sometime back here also.
> >
> > On our system, we are observing that files on flash (jffs2 intel cfi nand)
> > are getting corrupted, after  a number of resets and say 3 months of usage)
> >
> > Anyone seen anything like this ? any clues on how one can look into this.
> >
> Hi Alfred,
> I have had no non recoverable error here up to now, but I am not
> representative, since I do not need many permanent writes: I have all
> permanently changeable informations like configuration files in one rw
> partition, and all temporary information like log, lock, pidfiles... in
> the ramdisk. My rootfs stays ro. In my case, I can simply erase the
> "config-partition", and the board definitely is clean.
> I have 2 ideas to your problems:
> 1. Single files can be still corrupted, when you write them and press reset.
> 2. Your jffs2 version is from a let's say "not so good time"
> What I do not understand (from one of your previous posts): You said, a
> command file was damaged. Was this file written at generation time of
> the fs, and then not written any more?
> Best regards
> Peter
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